Thank you for your interest in our proxy kickback program.

You are now enrolled in our program and the process is pretty straight forward.

What you have to do next:

  1. Please read these instructions completely first.
  2. Signup for any supported proxy partner through the links found on our website by clicking the button below
  3. Submit your Proof of Purchase by using the form below
  4. Use your proxies for 2 weeks and then we’ll send you an email reminder to come back and write a small review of your experience
  5. We’ll send you your payment via PayPal

Proof of purchase

Get Paid: Purchase Confirmation
The email you used to create your account on our partner's website
We will send you the payment on this email.
We will manually verify the purchase with the Partner Proxy Service
How much did you pay?
File Upload *
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
Are you using our order with a friend bonus? Then what's the email of your friend?