About our team

We are a small team focused on making it easy for you to work with proxies. We have worked hard to build a transparent community with real proxy users reviews.

Our Raison D’Etre

RPR ( Residential Proxies Reviews ) was formed as a direct consequence of a frustration with the lack of genuine quality information about the services offered by residential proxies providers.

Our mission is to mine the internet for quality, true, concrete and actionable information about residential proxies and package it in a form easily digestible for our visitors.

Meet Our Team

Helen Bold

She is the content writer and the manager of SEO campaigns and advertisements. Helen wanted to be a teacher, a politician, or an actress. But, hey, this is life…
Now, Helen works from her kitchen while cooking delicious meals for her boyfriend. She is the ultimate content creator! Helen puts all her research and writing skills at work to guide the community through the process of choosing, buying, and enjoying residential proxies.

Alex Eftimie

Is the SEO Strategist, Editor and Visionary wanabe here on RPR. Former Co-Founder and CTO of Shifter, previously Microleaves. While not working on RPR Alex spends most of his time on his coaching practice or belligerently telling people to do the right thing even when it’s hard.